Three Simple Tips to Styling Shorts for Summer
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Three Simple Tips to Styling Shorts for Summer

red shorts for summer

You know what’s better than a pair of shorts? A pair of short shorts. Styling shorts the right way is the key to not looking a mess and staying fashionable. Here’s 3 tips to keeping it cute in your shorts for the summer.

  1. Watch the booty cheeks

Finding the right length and fit is the most important. Nobody should be able to see the cheeks hanging out the back or shorts so tight that their cutting off the circulation. I know we’ve all seen it.  I’ve even realized that after I wash some of my shorts, they shrink a little. To avoid this I air dry after I wash so the fit remains the same.

2. The right top

The top shouldn’t be fitted or cropped. A balance should be created between the top and bottom. This goes to the right styling.

3. Layer

Layering with a duster is perfect for summer to compliment the shorts. Once fall begins adding a sweater, light jacket, or blazer is key for the season.


Top | Thrifted

Shorts | Forever 21


Photography | Tearrance J.



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