My Wash and Go Natural Hair Routine with Pantene Pro-V Gold Series
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My Wash and Go Natural Hair Routine with Pantene Pro-V Gold Series


Wash & Go Hair


I was super excited when I received the Pantene’s Pro-V Gold Series shampoo, conditioner, and hydrating butter creme. Me being a recovering product junkee, I try not to buy all the new lines and products that come out but since this was sent to me, I couldn’t wait to try.

Before I cut my hair, I was never a fan of wash and gos. The styling method didn’t seem to work for my thick hair due me having different curl patterns in the front and back. Since than, it’s my go-to natural hair style routine that’s easy and quick.

Read my easy steps below.

wash and go routine with pantene pro-v gold series

  1. Shampoo with Moisture Boost Shampoo

I typically shampoo and rinse 2 to 3 times depending on how much product build up I have and the last time my hair has been washed.

2. Condition with Moisture Boost Conditioner

A good conditioner will leave your tresses detangled and feeling extra soft. This product did just that. I typically leave the conditioner in for about 30 minutes to an hour due to the thickness of my hair and the desired end result.

3. Add Hydrating Butter Creme

I usually add a leave-in conditioner before using gel but this product is thick enough and has the right consistency to replace a leave-in. Adding any kind of moisturizer or creme will prevent the hair from drying out when using gel.

4. Distribute Eco Styler Gel

I section my hair into parts and distribute  the gel evenly throughout my hair. This keeps my hair defined and adds a polished look.

5. The Next Day

After air drying overnight I add a little of the butter-creme to my hand and run through my hair for the desired look. If  I want my curls more defined I gently pull out the hair a little but if I want a more fro like style like the photo above, I pull the hair out more.

You can also dry the hair faster by using a blow dryer with a diffuser attached.

It’s that simple! Wash, condition, add creme, gel, and go.



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