Turn Up the Volume: How to Add Color to Your Spring Wardrobe
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Turn Up the Volume: How to Add Color to Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring fashion is here and it’s all about color. I have my phases where my outfits might consist of neutrals like black and white but not this season. I’m making it an effort to keep my wardrobe fun, fresh, and full of color while transitioning this into summer.

Tips on Adding Color to Your Wardrobe


•If you’re afraid to wear a lot of color and typically wear neutrals, start small. Add a colored accessory like a yellow or red bag or complete a neutral ensemble with some bright color heels.

•Spring and summer are all about being festive with the holidays so dress for the occasion. Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to add a little green and red to your wardrobe that day. Even Easter you can play around with pastels and lighter hues to add something different to your normal, everyday style.

•When wearing color especially bright ones, compliment the outfit with neutral accessories. In this case I accessorized my look with orange toned earrings but I kept my shoes a neutral based color so that my top could be the focal point.

•Be aware of what colors works for your skin tone. For example, brown clothing always seemed to wash me out so I can’t think of a single brown top or dress I own. Even though I don’t wear orange a lot, I always get compliments when wearing the color. Find that color that compliments your skin tone and style and work from there.


Photography | Delicia

Top | Thrifted

Shorts | Marshalls – similar here

Booties | DSW (old) – similar here & here

Earrings | H&M

Lip | Mac- Lady Danger – here


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