That Time You Turned a Shirt Into a Dress
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That Time You Turned a Shirt Into a Dress

I’m always good for turning a shirt into a dress and in this case I turned this Nike men’s jersey into the perfect shirt dress. Of course this is another item I found at one of my cheapy local thrift stores and I couldn’t wait to wear it. My initial plan was to wear the jersey with some tennis shoes but I decided why not girl it up a little and throw on some heels to really elevate the look. Plus I been working on these legs so why not.

This look is easily one of my favs even though I probably say that all the time but I mean what isn’t to love. It’s a little tomboyish, edgy, and still very much feminine.

Confessions: So as I was making plans and goals for my blog a few months ago I decided I needed to upgrade my style if you will and make a few changes. My plan was to stick to a black, white, and red color palette as much as possible with hints of color here and there. I thought it would look good on my IG feed and show consistency on my blog. Needless to say that didn’t work. I obviously love some color in my life and in my style. I mean who was I kidding?!

So yea here’s to this green dress.

Men’s Jersey | Thrifted – similar here

Heels | – similar here

Photography | James Kintu




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