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Major Trend Alert: Mom Jeans

I never thought I’ll say but mom jeans are so on trend and I actually love it. What are mom jeans you ask. The definition explains: ‘women’s jeans of a style regarded as unfashionable or unflattering’. Throwback mom jeans might be unflattering and make your butt look like a lumpy pancake (so not cute) but fast forward to 2017 where these mom jeans have a more modern fit and updated style but the same look as before. So many celebs…

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Back on My Shit!

After a challenging past few months, I’m back to my regular scheduled program. With new relationships building, so much inspiration empowering me,  and a ‘not looking back’ attitude, I’m ready…

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Spring Fever

  While others are getting snowed in, here in Houston we’re living it up in this Cali weather. You know before summer hits and it gets so hot the sun…

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I dont know why but I really been feeling monochromatic outfits lately and I also been wearing lots of gold so mesh those two and this is what I got. Pairing…