Miss Bee’s Hair Journey

Miss Bee’s Hair Journey


Several years ago when I was a senior in high school, I decided to stop getting relaxers. I realized that getting a relaxer was not a healthy process for my hair and I wanted to gain my natural curl pattern back. The goal was to get my hair back to being healthy and long. My beautician at the time had to cut off about 2 inches of damaged ends from heat damage and this was an eye opener.  Before the natural hair epidemic began and being natural was common and popular I had came to the conclusion that being natural was the best way to go. I had always straightened my hair so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Even though I gave up relaxing my hair and using those strong chemicals, I still remained straightening my hair for the convenience.  I never really liked doing my hair as it always required too much work and never came out quite like I wanted so I either had a beautician straighten it or I wore weave. As I went off to college my first two years I wore mostly sew ins and still continued to flat iron my hair. As natural hair began to become more common, I than began to experiment with my own natural hair texture.

After years of trying different products, watching numerous Youtube tutorials, and countless trial and error styles, I have come a long way with my hair journey. I have always had this love/hate relationship for my hair but I can say from the beginning to now, the love for my hair has flourished. I found what works best for me and my hair and I stick with that. Its healthier than ever and best of all, RAIN IS NO LONGER THE ENEMY!

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