About Me


About Miss Bee

After graduating college in 2013 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, my goal has always been to have a career that I love. Having my own blog gives me an outlet to show my style, express myself, and inspire everyday women like myself. To accomplish this my plan is to wear the most fabulous outfits, share hair and fashion tips, share life stories and experiences, and be as honest as possible while doing it.
 I hope you enjoy!!

My Style

I dress by my mood and how I’m feeling that day. My favorite part about fashion is that you can be as creative as possible and express yourself through your style and everyday outfits. I love the way an outfit can tell a story. I’m someone who doesn’t like to look the same everyday so I’m always switching things up.

Shopping at thrift stores and resale shops is what I live for. I love finding unique pieces and making them my own. A large part of my wardrobe comes from thrifting. I mean who wants to look like everybody else?!

My Mission

My mission is to inspire others to take the necessary steps to their goals and dreams through my own personal experiences with life through my natural hair, fashion, events, becoming a vegetarian, and looking fabulous all while doing it!